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    1. Laboratory HomogenizerDonghua laboratory homogenizer is suitable for product research and development in scientific laboratories or small-scale production facilities. The maximim working pressure of our lab homogenizer is 150MP, and the minimum material testing volume is 200ml.
    1. Industrial HomogenizerDonghua industrial homogenizer is designed and manufactured for homogenization applications in industries such as diary, food, pharmaceuticals and so on. This machine has a polished stainless steel covering (casing), on which all the instrument buttons are fixed.
    1. High Pressure HomogenizerGYB series high pressure homogenizer is general equipment for preparing ultrafine liquid - liquid emulsification, or liquid-solid dispersion. It is covered with a polished stainless steel casing. The max pressure is 180Mpa.
    1. Homogenizer PartsHomogenizer valve is a key component of the homogenizing equipment. Depending on the structure, homogenizing valves can be divided into the flat type and W type.
      Donghua plunger is made of materials that have high levels of hardness and wear-resistant properties.


High pressure homogenizer is a piece of homogenizing equipment used in the manufacture of superfine liquid-liquid emulsions and liquid-solid dispersed substances. The homogenized products acquire improved stability, increased shelf life, easy digestion, and better taste. Donghua homogenizer is widely used in a variety of industries, including:
1. Food and beverage industry: suitable for manufacturing protein drinks (such as soy milk, peanut milk, soy protein), juice beverage (such as orange juice, apple juice, coconut juice), and dairy products (yogurt, homogenized milk, pure milk, sweet milk, ice cream, soy milk powder).
2. Pharmaceutical industry: used in the production of antibiotics, various emulsions, traditional Chinese medicine preparations, lipid emulsions infusions, and other kinds of nutrient solutions.
3. Light industries: fit for the production of flavors, fragrance, cosmetics, silicone emulsions, brightening agents, thickeners, pigments, and more.
4. Biological industry: used for the disruption of colon bacillus, yeast and cells. It is suitable for the extraction of enzymes, proteins and other active substances from cells.
5. Nanometer technology: after being homogenized by a high pressure homogenizer (more than 100MPA) for several times, the particle diameter can be 0.1-0.5.

Descriptions of Homogenizer
Compared to other machines, the Donghua homogenizer has many advantages: occupy a smaller area, more efficient, shorter response time, lower operating costs etc. Our high pressure homogenizer is available in more than 100 specifications, with power ranging from 1KW to 200 KW and pressure from 15Mpa to 100Mpa, satisfying a wide range of customer requirements. You can find your ideal homogenizer in our company, whether it is a table type small laboratory homogenizer using 0.2 L material, or a 30,000 L /H super-large industrial homogenizer.
The homogenizing system is a twin-stage system consisting of grade I valve and grade II valve. The two valves can either be used simultaneously or separately, and their pressure can be selected freely within the rated pressure. Homogenizing valve has flat type and W type. The flat type is high pressure resistant and wear resistant, with a long operating life. The W type can perform homogenization many times in one process, greatly improving the homogenizing effect. The pump valve includes ball type and dish type. The former has excellent pressure resistance and long lifespan, while the latter has a simple structure and high volumetric efficiency.

Features of Homogenizer
1. All the components touching the material are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, causing no harm to the material.
2. Driving components apply forced cooling and pressure lubrication for increased operating life. This makes it suitable for continuous working operations. Driving gear uses herringbone gear, for reliability, smooth running and low noise production. Plunger reciprocal speed is designed from 130times/m to 160times/m, and is applicable to feed liquids of different viscosity. The working parts of the homogenizer can bear 140℃.
3. The working pressure is under hydraulic control. It is easy to add or relief pressure by turning a knob.
4. The special manometer used has reduced vibration, lengthening its service life. Digital display of pressure is also available upon request.
5. Using a new type of sealing material (with good wear-resistance, high pressure-resistance and self-lubrication), the plunger operating life is 2-3 times longer than the original one, and the service life of joint ring is increased by 3-5 times. Long-term leak-free characteristic is achieved.
6. Donghua homogenizer is made from top-grade materials (such as tungsten-cobalt alloy, cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy), which are in accordance with the international standards. This increases the durability of valves.
7. Our homogenizer has a twin-stage system. During application, if the material passes through the homogenizing valve once, it can be homogenized for 6-8 times, largely improving the homogenizing effect of our machine under the same pressure.

Working Principle
Material is processed in the homogenizing valve. The material reaches a speed of 200-300m/s when passing through a minute gap in the homogenizing valve under high pressure, causing a great pressure drop in the valve. Under the effect of high turbulence and shear, combined with compression, acceleration, and pressure drop, the rough emulsion and suspension is processed into superfine, homogenous and steady liquid-liquid emulsion or liquid-solid dispersed substances.

Founded in 1984, Donghua is one of the foremost homogenizer manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our homogenizers mainly fall into 3 categories: laboratory homogenizers, industrial homogenizers and high pressure homogenizers. Due to their reasonable structure, stable performance and reliable quality, our high pressure homogenizers are well received in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, and more. We welcome you to try Donghua homogenizers!