Other Products
    1. Microfluidic High-Pressure Homogenizer
    2. Microfluidic High-Pressure HomogenizerIn the high-pressure homogenizer, as the high pressure fluid feeds through the narrow gap module under pressure, the pressure quickly drops and an ultra-fast velocity is created.
    1. Plunger
    2. PlungerDonghua plunger is made of materials that have high levels of hardness and wear-resistant properties. The surface hardness degree can be up to HY1000.
    1. High Pressure Homogenizer
    2. High Pressure HomogenizerGYB series high pressure homogenizer is general equipment for preparing ultrafine liquid - liquid emulsification, or liquid-solid dispersion.
    1. Lab-Scale Homogenizer
    2. Lab-Scale HomogenizerOur lab-scale homogenizer is a great choice for product research and development in scientific labs or small-scale production settings, with a maximum working pressure of 100 MPa and a minimum material testing volume of 200 ml.