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Effects after being homogenized are shown below:
  • Emulsion
  • Brown sugar
  • Cellulose

Intelligent control solution of high pressure homogenizer
Based on nearly four decades of experience in homogenization technology, we independently developed and manufactured a new type of high pressure homogenizer integrated with intelligent control to meet the market demand in the AI times. A PLC control cabinet with touch screen is remotely equipped to automatically control the specially designed hydraulic power unit for driving the homogenizer, which realizes automatic pressure rising and remote real-time pressure adjustment. The main functions are described as below:
1. The working pressure is synchronously displayed on the homogenizer and remote device. The homogenizer will be automatically shut down when overload or overpressure occurs, allowing for safe operation. When exceeding the set pressure, the homogenizer motor will be automatically shut off to achieve great protection.
2. The parameters such as homogenization pressure, oil pressure, temperature, cooling water flow can be real-time displayed. The limit value of parameters can be set. When exceeding the limit value, the alarm will be automatically triggered.
3. The wear of the homogenizing valve can be analyzed according to the data in a specific time period. 4. A historical parametric curve can be freely checked.
5. The touch screen can be directly connected with the computer via a standard LAN port to realize synchronous display and control, with a transmission distance of over 100m.
6. Due to remote pressure control, soft start is used to start the homogenizer motor.
The intelligent control solution used for the homogenizer maximizes the automation in the process of homogenizing, significantly improving the working efficiency. This makes it ideally suitable for large-scale production in the industries food, beverage, fine chemical, dyes, papermaking, Graphene production. This high pressure homogenizer is also used in factories with poor working conditions where remote real-time monitoring and adjustment of homogenization pressure is needed.

Working Principle
The high pressure homogenizer is mainly made up of high pressure pump and transmission system driven by a motor. Through two times’ speed changes of belt pulleys and gears, the crankshaft and connecting rod system convert the rotary movement at high speed to a reciprocating linear motion of the plungers at low speed and heavy load. The plungers work in a fully sealed barrel made using high strength material.
The pumping system is the core part of the homogenizer, which features a specially designed geometric shape and is made of special material. Under the action of the transmission mechanism, extremely high pressure is generated depending on the reciprocating linear motion of the plungers. When the plungers move backward, the bottom entry feed valve will open to suck the materials. When the plungers move forward, the bottom valve closes, and then the upper valve opens. The materials are forced into the homogenizing valve under high pressure. After experiencing great impact, shear force and cavitation during this process, the materials with desirable particle size will be discharged from the outlet.

High Pressure Homogenizer
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