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Our continuous product improvement and development, together with more than 20 years of expertise, have established "Donghua" as a well-known brand. Our products enjoy a large market share both domestically and internationally. Our homogenizers are well received in over 80 countries, such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, and more. Super high pressure and big flow are the strong points of Donghua homogenizers. Currently our products are widely used in many fields such as pigment and dye, petrochemical industry, biological engineering and so on. The biggest homogenizer in China is made by Donghua, where it smoothly and steadily runs in a large soybean protein factory.

Many of the world's leading manufacturers are Donghua customers. In VIVI Group, over 400 Donghua homogenizers work well in more than 130 production lines. They are known for their reliability and durability. We have also provided over 50 homogenizers to the Bright Diary Group and signed a supply contract (worth several millions) with the Dazai Beverage Co., Ltd.

Additionally, we have provided Liziyuan with over 60 homogenizers and have offered more than 20 homogenizers to Huiyuan Beverage Co., Ltd.

Here are some of our customers according to different industries.

Dairy Industry
Bright Yili Dairy Wandashan Group Prince Milk Group  
Mengniu New Hope Wahaha Robust  
Beverage Industry
Beijing Kraft Huiyuan Thunbergii Weiwei Group Blenz
Sichuan Camry Wahaha Yinlu Fujian Silver Heron Blu-ray
Paint Industry
3M shinycolor Colorful Ying-wa Merida pigment
Dye Industry
Indian dye runtuchem Donlord Hengshui TIME Ya-Gang Group
Biological & Pharmaceutical Industries
Roche Vitamins sinepharm eastchinapharm Bristol-Myers Squibb Onlly
cpgj-pharm Hayao Lunan Pharmaceutical vacmic xcpharma
Paper Making Industry
ciba chihechem Bohui Paper Tang Paper  
Chenming paper Canton Dragon tralin rudolfchina  
Soy Protein
china-protein Shuanghui Yurun jinluo Arowana
Essence & Flavor
McCormick Firmenich Rhodia Flavor Man Suzhou Awata
hb-flavors Westlake Flavor McCormick haitian-food gz-kaihong
Suzhou Jiahe Farrell Mei-Mei Hualong group  
Grease Industry
Beijing Yanhua Tianjin Petrochemical Beijing Great Wall Yumen Oilfield Daqing Petrochemical
Ice Cream Industry
Guangming Group chinawufeng Hubei COMPACT