Donghua plunger is made of materials that have high levels of hardness and wear-resistant properties. The surface hardness degree can be up to HY1000. Plunger seals are pressure resistant and have a long operating life (4-5 times longer than the original one).

Features of Plunger
1. Both heads can be used; the operating life of the plunger is doubled.
2. It applies a flexible connection and determines its own center. This improves the sealing property and prolongs the service life of the plunger and seal.
3. Driving components adopt forced lubrication and circulating cooling device to suit long-term continuous work. The crankshaft has the following characteristics: smooth running, low noise and strong adaptability. It has a rotating speed that is controlled between 130-160 rpm.

  • Donghua small-sized plunger
  • Donghua large-sized plunger

Technical Specifications for Plunger

Average diameter of emulsified particle μm ≤1 Temperature of drive components ≤65
Average diameter of solid dispersion μm ≤2 Noise dB ≤37kw 45-55 kw 75-200 kw ≤88 ≤90 ≤93
Max. temperature of material℃ Specific ℃ ≤90 ≤150
Suitable material property PH 2-10 Volumetric efficiency   ball type              dish type ≥85% ≥90%
Feed particle diameter μm(on average) ≤30 Under rated pressure Continuous working
Voltage(V) 380 Current HZ 50
  • Person word wheel gear
  • Person word wheel gear
  • Manometer
  • Quantity type diaphragm pressure sensor

Donghua has been engaged in the development and production of homogenizers since 1984. As an experienced homogenizer manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide parts such as plungers and valves to further meet your requirements. Our products have received ISO 9001 and CE certification. Donghua is located in Shanghai, a major industrial city, and home to an international port. This location gives us access to convenient transportation facilities by sea, land, and air, which enables us to provide our products at low prices. Due to their reasonable prices and reliable quality, our products are widely used by customers in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, and more.
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