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Established in 1984, Shanghai Donghua High Pressure Homogenizer Factory began as a state-owned company, which was later reconstructed to become a joint-stack company in 1998. The company employs 136 staff members.

Five Departments

Engineering Department Development Department Administration Department Sales Department Financial Department

Three Workshops

The first metalworking workshop The second metalworking workshop Assembling workshop

2001: Signed long-term agency contract with Korean LATON KOREA.
2002: Donghua Trademark was awarded Shanghai Famous Trademark.
2002: Donghua signed a 5-year sales agency contract with American CJN.
The newly built factory (invested USD 5.13 million) was put into operation in October 2004, occupying an area of over 17,600 square meters.
Passed the ISO 9001 certification
The biggest high pressure homogenizer was produced in Donghua in April 2004 (flow: 10ton/hour, the max pressure: 60MPA, main motor power: 200KW).
2008: won Shanghai Famous Trademark for the third time.
2008: The first ultra-high pressure homogenizer in China was developed in Donghua.