Our Products
    1. Microfluidic High-Pressure Homogenizer
    2. Microfluidic High-Pressure HomogenizerIn the high-pressure homogenizer, as the high pressure fluid feeds through the narrow gap module under pressure, the pressure quickly drops and an ultra-fast velocity is created.
    1. High Pressure Homogenizer
    2. High Pressure HomogenizerGYB series high pressure homogenizer is general equipment for preparing ultrafine liquid - liquid emulsification, or liquid-solid dispersion.
    1. Industrial Homogenizer
    2. Industrial Homogenizer Industrial homogenizers are specifically constructed and created to fulfill homogenizing needs within industries ranging from dairy and food production to pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    1. Pharmaceutical Homogenizer
    2. Pharmaceutical Homogenizer The plunger pump sucks the material and applies pressure to it, causing it to flow into the valve block where the pressure can be adjusted.