Our Products
    1. Pharmaceutical Homogenizer
    2. Pharmaceutical Homogenizer The plunger pump sucks the material and applies pressure to it, causing it to flow into the valve block where the pressure can be adjusted.
    1. Lab-Scale Homogenizer
    2. Lab-Scale Homogenizer Our lab-scale homogenizer is a great choice for product research and development in scientific labs or small-scale production settings, with a maximum working pressure of 100 MPa and a minimum material testing volume of 200 ml.
    1. Plunger
    2. PlungerDonghua plunger is made of materials that have high levels of hardness and wear-resistant properties. The surface hardness degree can be up to HY1000.
    1. High Pressure Homogenizer
    2. High Pressure HomogenizerGYB series high pressure homogenizer is general equipment for preparing ultrafine liquid - liquid emulsification, or liquid-solid dispersion.